How to Fix a Slow iMac

Lots of users are complaining of slow down the performance of their computer. Even Mac users are experiencing this problem especially when they are expecting a lot on their Mac. If before, it is just like a blink of an eye where they can run applications or open programs, now, they are impatient in waiting. 

Well, iMac doesn’t slow down by itself. It is not all about the age of your Mac or how you use it. Sometimes, factors may affect is slow down performance is having tons of unwanted data on the hard drive. Giving extra space of your Mac hard drive saves your unit and it helps in restoring the original speed.

There are many ways on how to speed up your iMac and cleaning it up can be the best way. And how you can do it?

First, check a program or software that can help you on how to fix a slow iMac. From there, you can consider the use of Tidy Up software. Tidy Up is a program that finds and removes duplicate files on the iMac. Once duplicate files are searched, you can now easily delete data and clean up the iMac. It refreshes your iMac and surely can fix slow iMac issue.