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I have worked very hard to be where I am right now. I am part of an executive team that runs one of the largest companies in Singapore. I started off in lower management and worked my way up through the last ten years. Once I reached my goal, I knew that it was time to look for a new condo in Singapore. I had always told me wife that when I reached the position I wanted, we could find our forever dream home. Being a man of my word, we started looking the day after my promotion.

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Tips for Acing Your Newborn’s Photography Session Photographing objects or adults who take instruction is one thing; having a sensitive and unpredictable infant as a subject is totally another. Here are tips that easily make newborn photography a blast: Safety First at All Times
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Safety must always be first when it comes to photographing a newborn baby. And the rules are primarily based on common sense. Don’t bring in props that are hard or sharp. The baby must not be placed on a high or unsteady surface sans a spotter. And know that some of the best-looking newborn baby photos online are actually products of photo editing software.
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Forget the Gear Taking breathtaking photos of newborns is possible with any camera and lens, long as you are knowledgeable on the ways to work around photography elements like angles, lighting and the rest. Because Comfort Counts When capturing images of infants, there are usually two looks photographers aim for: the look of peaceful slumber and the look of happy. If the baby is not comfortable, he’ll probably make it difficult for everyone, crying and fussing and all that. If your hands are cold, wear gloves. Consider heating pads and, if necessary, space heaters. Timing is Critical In terms of newborn photography, the time to do it is within the first two weeks since the child’s birth. This is usually the easiest time to work with infants because they are asleep almost the entire day. This means they are so much easier to handle. Have your photo session after the child’s umbilical cord has detached, which is probably 5 days after birth. At the same time, also remember that newborns follow their own schedules. You may have to spend 3 to 4 hours waiting for the baby to stop crying, and in the final 15 minutes before you wrap up, you may get all the best shots you need. It will definitely not be easy, and you need to plan well and give the team sufficient time for the shoot. Inventive Props You don’t really need expensive newborn props, and most probably, you will find most of what you need at home or in a local crafts store. To come up with ideas, think incorporating the child’s parent’s hobbies, favorite colors or their general personalities. Light and Reflectors You certainly don’t need anything too fancy with the lighting. You do need a large window for your main light and a reflector for filling in some shadows. Post Production Your post-production for newborn photography is typically airier and lighter than any other type of photography. Use fades and some nice black and white tricks. Also consider a few advanced retouching techniques. At the end of the day, how a newborn photography session turns out is all a matter of preparation. Provided everything you need is already on hand, you should be able to take the most amazing photos of an angel.